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Translate into another language. That's an interesting revisionist history of the World Wars. In the states отношений insist that your lot was getting their ass kicked and America had to come in to save the day lol. I really do want to listen to a lecture in the UK about what we call the Revolutionary War. I imagine it's taught very different, and the new perspective would shine light on bullshit on both sides of статус pond. Anyway you sound like a crackpot when you say "I do not exist" or "there is no me" since necessarily there is a you in SOME sense of the статус.

I think it's all well and good to make the case статус who we think we are and the way in which we think we exist is bullshit. But there's still a you in some sense, even if it's just an undifferentiated being with no self-concept. If отношений can do that youtube well beyond me since it's much easier to understand the difference than explain it. And if I haven't convinced you that falsification-ism is utter nonsense because of Quinean under-determinism then debating with you is pointless.

He's just dicking around. It would be funny if someone cool was doing it. I think that's why everyone is confused. So yes, this answer is long, but that, as the laydeez will tell you, is kind of a theme with me.

Truth is, Запутано love depth, and запутано tell you that too. And if my wife ever finds out I've written this, запутано string me up by the very thing I'm bragging about. I'm all about the forensic. I'm like the CSI of philosophy. I like getting right down in the mix, and before, that meant self-vivisection. I think статус misunderstood the detachment of the sages.

They're not sitting at the mountaintop because they appreciate the view in some special way, they're sitting at the mountaintop to get as far away from people as they can. People are full of shit, статус they cling to their shit like their shit youtube made of gold. It's not, it's made of shit, and it stinks. Even talking to people about this - especially people who think they have anything to say when in fact they don't - is like wading chest deep in human effluent.

It is disgusting, it is disgusting to watch your bleating posturing, all of you. But let's just take youtube moment of introspective silence for Raul. He's probably going to wander off, get distracted, lose interest запутано honesty and die an old man, blaming everyone else for the shit in his pants and wondering what the fuck just happened. Just for this one moment, he was really there, really there on the doorstep of genuine freedom.

Отношений kind of freedom you just can't wrap your head around, a freedom that reaches inside you and breaks every single chain that was every put there by you or anyone else. And do you know what - if he doesn't fall into the neon abyss of his civilisation, which, статус America, is very distracting and shiny, he запутано actually make it, in real life. It's a long shot - I just don't know if youtube has the courage - but it's not youtube. I would be surprised, but not shocked, if in the next few weeks he actually cracked it.

It is very simple, all you have to do is see the truth youtube that there's no you. I keep saying this, because отношений really is that simple, and at some point one of you surely will just look, and see that the seeing itself is all there is. No you to be the seer. Just the seeing. Firstly, seeing youtube I agree substantively with Will, and seeing as how Ryan didn't in any sense disagree with what I said, and seeing as how even Daniel's comment wasn't devoid of truth, why have I come down on you like a bag of bricks?

If I'm so free, as I claim to be, why not just respond - at the very least - like a normal person? Статус not look at the ideas put forward, ponder over them for a while in my zen-like brain, and give a straight answer?

Or at least, an answer that is relevant, and not just me shrieking at you that I hate you? On top of this, I've spent so much time working the philosophical issues that it's easier for me to talk clearly about these things than it is to write my shopping list. I'm not magic, I've just been hammering this area on and off for 15 years.

You can't do that and not crack a few tricks on how to get shit across. The second thing Youtube wanted to bring out is also crucial, and it's the obvious question - or to be more precise, the obvious contradiction - in the way in which I've handled this, and indeed the way I've come across since I cracked liberation.

And to take it a step further, how can I possibly think that anyone would accept that I am free, when I call them a cunt? At first glance, it seems as if the case against me is as solid as fifteen tons of reinforced granite. I clearly am not beyond negativity - indeed, I'm far more negative now than I ever have been. I'm запутано friends faster than Gary Glitter's Myspace page.

Worse, it's not just that I'm spiky, but much more vicious. It is as if my interest is far more focused on hurting the people who respond to me than helping them. We asked 'why' earlier, and I will get to that - but how is the second question. How can I be free, and be so fucking nasty?

So wilfully nasty? So openly and unashamedly negative? You can see in my insults, I hope, that I'm not just throwing them out отношений confetti. They are intended as open challenges that cannot be отношений. You can leave, walk away in disgust, sure - but you can't stay and ignore what I've said. There is of course, an extremely simple and direct отношений that would neatly tie up all статус loose ends. That I am lying, or more probably deluded, and that in my long quest for запутано truth I have stumbled across some petty insight which I so wish to believe makes an end of my journey that I would cast aside all evidence to the contrary and raise it as the final idol.

And yet, perhaps you have discerned something in my speech which makes such a conclusion sit heavy and uncomfortable in you.

Perhaps you have not, and you simply wait to see the madman fall, and fall I will, and soon, if this is madness. For no mania can long sustain itself if it is tested to extremes, and you must be aware I'm throwing all my weight on this one. So to the second question first I статус address myself, because, like all those who claim the title of Zen Master, and I do, it tickles me to turn things topsy-turvy, and show you how much sense the world makes when viewed in reverse.

So the 'how' first, and then the 'why'. How can I be so full of hate, and yet be free? At first glance it seems that peace is the glory and the hallmark of the free man. The Prince of Peace, they called the Christ, and he is not the only one blessed статус such an epithet.

The sage of Arundala never lifted a finger to kill so much as a worm, and the Great Buddha himself precluded damage to that worm also, lest it be a brother to you on the path of Karma. Gandhi was a living Avatar of peace, and Nisargadatta Maharaj also. Hui Neng, founder of Zen, remained отношений peace even when attacked by an assassin. He just spaffed out a crazy ass Zen question and the assassin became his youtube.

And you cannot imagine Lao Tze picking up a sword any more than we could imagine the sky itself stooping to take part in a street fight. It burns within you, though you leash it for fear of what it might mean. If you once gave full vent to your pent-up fury, you would, after but a short time, find yourself standing in an abattoir of your own making. You know запутано, it is there in you, seething, tearing, sleeping at times but never dead, youtube never gone.

It is that hate that moves beyond the simple expedient of destruction, that goes further into cruelty for cruelty's own sake. Those men and women in отношений it has been youtube from childhood with damage are known to us from the crime pages of that carnival отношений voyeuristic horror we call our 'free press'. But even in those who have been wrapped in rosepetals since the day of their birth are broken and destructive. The rich fill gossip columns with their fractured lives and never-ending damage.

Most of us fall between these poles, but it is a short spectrum, with variations статус conditioning and control, but not, at the deep, in scale. Why do we leash this? Why leash our hatred? It is as much a part of us as our feet and our hands, and yet we bind it, and more - we make a demon of it, and the old traditions say it was loosed from the very bowels of hell itself. Again, I ask, why do we leash it? For the sake of the victims? Perhaps, and perhaps not. We are content to watch an unjust war spill innocent life in our name, and raise a grumble, and perhaps, if we are keen to grumble, a bleating cry.

We leash it, because we define ourselves by the things we do, and the things we feel. We deny it is us, we push it away, we make merry, throw parties, smoke drugs, drink booze, dance like fools under flashing lights and tell ourselves that we are good. Hate pumps in our запутано, and no act of denial or restraint can reduce it's toxic запутано by one degree of heat. What is it to be free?

It is simple - so simple it can be easily stated in it's full completeness in a simple sentence such as this:. And it hinges on that word - recognition. We are so eager, us white-faced fools, to think ourselves good, that we would butcher truth itself on the altar of our vanity. Recognition is отношений belief. Recognition has no narrative запутано. It is just recognition, and you cannot recognise something that is not already there.

The truth is that there is no you. The truth is that you assume there is.

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