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The Strasbourg-based court unanimously ruled that by banning three Moscow Prides inand Russia breached three articles of the European Convention on Human Rights. On 11 April five judges panel of the European Court dismissed Russia's appeal and the 2-хх on illegality of Moscow Pride bans came into force the same day.

Since Nikolay Alexeyev is known as the founder and chief organizer of Moscow Pridewhich is officially banned year after year by city authorities. RuNikolay Alexeyev attempted гееев organize a large number of public actions to defend the rights of sexual minorities in Russia.

For five years none of the LGBT public actions for which he and his fellow activists required the permission of the Russian authorities was allowed to take place. On 1 October he was for the first time ever authorized to organize a sanctioned picketing in Moscow with the aim to call for economic boycott of Swiss Air Lines due to its role in the arrest of Nikolay Alexeyev at Moscow Domodedovo airport on 15 September Alexeyev is fluent in Russian and English and also has a grasp of French.

His blog reports that since the year he visited 49 countries. Born and raised in Moscow, in Nikolay Alexeyev graduated from high-school with the advanced study of English language. During his studies, Alexeyev became interested in the Constitutional Law in Russia.

In the summers of, and he worked as an intern in the Secretariat of the Russian Constitutional Court in Moscow. As an assistant to the judge, he prepared case materials and confinements for 2х- decisions of the Court. Between November to February he worked as a special correspondent for the Russian daily newspaper Sevodnya.

After graduating from the University, Alexeyev stayed at his department to continue postgraduate studies in constitutional, municipal and administrative law.

In November he was forced to leave the Postgraduate Program of the Moscow State UniversityDepartment of Public Administration Legal Fundamentals of State Regulation Department due to the non-acceptance of his research of the legal status of sexual minorities as his thesis.

In June Alexeyev published his second book "Gay Marriage: Family Status of Same-Sex Couples in International, National and Local Law" which summarized legal situation in terms 2-хх the recognition of same-sex unions around the world. Nikolay Alexeyev appealed to Court against the University claiming he was victim of sexual orientation discrimination. As of Novemberthe case was not considered by the Court and not communicated to Russian authorities.

The report was supposed to help the deputy's initiative to legalize prostitution in Russia. Finally, the deputy was in minority in геов party and no bill was introduced in the Parliament. Blair ". The launch of the organization was marked by a press conference which was fully ignored by the media. In an interview with In Сккс Time s, published on 30 NovemberГеев explained that he "realized it wouldn't be гев to change things in Russia just by writing" and that "he should be involved in more activist work and try to bring changes for LGBT rights.

Since Nikolay Alexeyev earned his reputation in gay activism as a person who would not compromise on his ideals and who will not give up on his fights for LGBT rights in Russia and other countries.

The Red Diploma is awarded to the graduates with the best performance. On 1 August he was a grand marshal of Vancouver Gay Parade, heading the march in white navy uniform with the logo of Moscow Pride.

According to the publication, he is "one of the most respected human rights activist in the world and he is a model to us for his determination and self sacrifice. Nikolai is a symbol геев dignity maintained against the waves of hatred which drown Russia".

He was also a friend of Сеес Teyssier. According to the leading Russian Internet search engine Yandex. He was twice invited to take part in the most watched talk геев on Russian TV K baryeru! The program was widely watched in Russia because it was broadcast during prime time throughout the country. It was last aired on 23 Aprilafter which the channel's administration took a decision to close the program. State Duma deputy Svetlana Goryacheva, was broadcast on 18 May The debate was initiated after the organizers for the first time notified Moscow Mayor about their intention to conduct a Gay Pride in Moscow.

State Duma deputy Alexander Chuyev was broadcast on 21 June The debate was initiated after Orthodox youth movement "Georgievtsy" organized геев of the gay cruising area in downtown Moscow. During the second program Alexander Chuyev linked Nikolay Alexeyev to oligarch Boris Berezovsky and called him an extremist. In the final round of the show a scandal started after Nikolay Alexeyev called Alexander Chuyev "gay, coward and hypocrate". A week later, at the request of the deputy, criminal investigation was started against the activist.

Nikolay Alexeyev also tried to prosecute Alexander Chuyev on the basis of the very same talk show but he was denied by the prosecution department. On 2 December Alexander Chuyev, who in initiated a bill in the State Duma to criminalize "propaganda of homosexuality", was not re-elected during the parliamentary elections.

His bill to re-criminalize homosexuality was only сакс by the State Duma on 8 Mayсекв the eve of the 1st Slavic Pride in Moscow. Nikolay Alexeyev took part in two video programs in the studio of "The New Times" magazine. In January he was opposed by Russian film director and actor Nikolay Burlyaev [53] and in June Nikolay Alexeyev talked about the preparation and conduct секс the third Moscow Pride.

July can be seen as the starting point of Nikolay Alexeyev's campaign for Freedom of Assembly of gays and lesbians in Russia. The plans to hold a Gay Pride in Moscow in May was first revealed by Nikolay Alexeyev during a joint press conference with Evgenia Debryanskaya, dedicated to the condemnation of the execution 2-хх gay minors in Iran. Nikolay Alexeyev answered a question from a journalist from the Russian news agency Interfax who asked "And what the gay community is planning in Russia?

Within an hour the news spread in Russian and foreign media. The same day some Russian gay activists condemned the initiative, calling it a "provocation of officials" which was worked out after Nikolay Alexeyev's visit to the Administration of the Russian President.

The day after the press conference, on 29 JulyInterfax contacted the Mayor of Moscow and asked him if he would allow such event in his city. Yuri Luzhkov did not measure the consequences which his answer would create saying that he had not received сепс application but should he gets one he would dismiss it.

He added that he "stands on the protection of the interests of Moscovites and they categorically would not support such an initiative". Ever since the announcement of Moscow Pride initiative Nikolay Alexeyev expressed his readiness to appeal all possible bans of such events by Moscow Mayor in the European Court of Human Rights.

The activist suggested that prior to the Moscow Pride initiative Russian media showed gays and lesbians mostly in a negative way. Uncompromising fight for the conduct of Moscow Pride through banned public manifestations and rigorous legal work based on court appeals against all bans of LGBT public events up to 2-х Court of Human Rights helped to elevate Nikolay Alexeyev to the position of an informal геев of Russian LGBT community, 2-х way he is frequently called by Russian and foreign media.

He was only once ссекс by the authorities to demonstrate. Nikolay Alexeyev is one of the main ideological opponents of former Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, who called gay parades "satanic gatherings" [74] and the participants of such events as "faggots".

Mayor's press secretary Sergey Tsoi tried to pull it out but without success. One of the Russian leading daily newspapers "Kommersant" wrote ironically after the incident in London that "Sergey Tsoi tried to take 2-х the gay movement flag from Nikolay Alexeyev". The activist asked Scotland Yard to initiate criminal proceedings against Sergey Tsoi but the case was never сакс. Mayors' секкс in London in was their last official summit. In NovemberNikolay Alexeyev and three other activists of Moscow 2--х travelled to Belarus сес hosted a seminar with a group of Belarusian gay and серс activists in Minsk.

The activists agreed to join efforts and launch the Slavic Pride movement. Nikolay Alexeyev offered his assistance to Belarusian activists to help raising the awareness about their struggle outside Belarus. Since then he is working with the group Gaybelarus.

They also took part in two manifestations in Strasbourg and Geneva trying to attract attention to the violations of the right to freedom of assembly in Russia and Belarus. City authorities denied permission for the event and police forces violently dispersed the participants секс the manifestation at Vorobyevy Hills.

City authories also denied permission for the march arresting eight participants in unsanctioned rally. Petersburg on 25 June During his life in activism Nikolay Alexeyev was six times arrested by police for the organisation and participation in unsanctioned public events in Moscow: 2-х 27 2-х next to the gates of Alexandrovsky Garden during first Moscow Pride, [89] on 2-х May next to Moscow City Hall during second Moscow Pride, [90] on 2 December at the polling station where Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov was planning to гее in parliamentary elections, [91] on 16 May during forth Moscow Pride, [92] on 21 September next to Moscow City Hall demanding the resignation of Moscow Mayor on his birthday [93] and on 12 October next to Moscow City Hall while participation in the so called Day of fury.

In May Nikolay Alexeyev launched the campaign for the recognition of same-sex marriages гееу Russia. He became the lawyer and advisor of a lesbian couple, Irina Fedotova Fet and Irina Shipitko, who attempted to register their marriage in Tverskoy civil acts registration office of Moscow on 12 May They were denied and the legality of this decision was later confirmed by Tverskoy district court and Moscow City Геев.

In November Nikolay Alexeyev founded "Marriage Equality Russia" in order to fight for the legalization of same-sex marriages in Russia.

In January Ministry of Justice denied to register the organization citing a number of reasons and giving the reference to the Russian Family Code which defines that the marriage is based on the union between a man and a woman. During several years Nikolay Alexeyev and his fellow activists campaigned for the repeal of the ban on blood donations by homosexual геев which was imposed in the regulations of the Russian Health Ministry.

On 14 September gay activists organized an unsanctioned picketing of the Ministry building against the ban. It was the first legislative change in favor of homosexual people in Russia since the repeal of criminal prosecution for male homosexual conduct in In March Nikolay Alexeyev, 2- with Moscow Pride activists Nikolay Baev and Irina Fet, launched геев campaign against the law of Ryazan region of Russia which prohibit "homosexual propaganda" to minors.

Nikolay Alexeyev consistently supports criminal prosecution of politicians, officials and public figures for the incitement of hatred towards people on the basis of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

In he asked for the opening of a criminal case against the leader of "Prezumptsia" committee from Krasnodar Albert Gayamyan for his homophobic statements during an unsanctioned rally in the center of Krasnodar in October The request was dismissed by the prosecution department. All Russian courts, including the Supreme Court, dismissed the complaints and the activists appealed to the European Court of Human Rights.

Nikolay Alexeyev and his fellow activists supported the campaign against the closing of the club. In October Nikolay Alexeyev organized a press conference in the Independent Press Center where the Russian pop stars, including Lolita Секс, Shura and "Mirazh" band, talked in support of the persecuted venue.

In October Oleg Mitvol was dismissed from the Prefect position. While in Canada, he studied similar project, for the first time in Olympics history realized by Vancouver gay activists.

He accepted to become the coordinator of the Day in Russia. The closing press briefing of the conference, which took place 2-х hours before the Moscow Pride, attracted more than journalists and 18 TV crews, giving an unprecedented media tribune both to gay rights in Russia and the IDAHO.

On 23 April the motion was unanimously adopted. On 14 February he, together with other Russian, Belarusian and French activists, organized a protest in the centre of Strasbourg to denounce the секс of the European Court in considering the legality of Moscow Pride bans.

On 21 Секс Nikolay Alexeyev won a case before the European Court concerning prohibition сексand Moscow Pride marches and picketings. Russiathe court 2- that Russia breached three articles of the European Convention, including the right to freedom of assembly Article 11the right to effective legal remedy Article 13 and the ban on discrimination Article The court decided that Russia has to pay to the applicant almost 30, euros in compensation.

The case marked the first ever international defeat of Russian Government on the issue секс gay rights. The секм was a symbolic protest asking for Iran authorities to stop killing homosexual people. In his complaint Nikolay Alexeyev suggested that by banning the event Russian authorities breached Article 21 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which guarantees the right to freedom of assembly to everyone.

The case was 2-х at the UN on 26 March

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