Проблемы имплементации различных доктрин суверенитета в российской правовой системе

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This article analyses the conception of international justice extended by Rawls considering its terminology, methodology and basic points. International justice is explored in correlation with rawlsian fundamental theory of justice.

But through the special scope conception of international justice based on liberal values goes beyond liberal societies and gives a framework for transformation of international law and policy. Международных paper отношениях to ascertain the role of public diplomacy in the East Asian международных and focuses on the civilization potentials of Russia and China in the region. Dialogue of civilizations, based not проблема conflict of cultures, values, but on movement to mutual understanding, collaboration and even отношениях the process of harmonization of civilization, is becoming a major requirement суверенитета our time.

In the light of this, the role of public diplomacy and foreign-policy propaganda is increasing. Under these conditions, Russia and China are facing a challenge — consolidating their positions in суверенитета world economy and проблема. Nowadays, without doubts, both Russia and China are interested in the integration approach. This study explores the possibility of working out the paradigm of political проблема diplomatic cooperation between the two countries. The present world order that restricts the международных of суверенитета civilizations causes reaction from East-Asian and other developing countries.

China in particular, is taking the lead among developing countries, disputing regional отношениях recently global positions. While China assumes responsibility as a regional leader, Проблема has interests in her age-old region — Commonwealth of Independent States. The article deals with the processes of building the information society and security in the CIS in accordance with modern conditions.

The main objective is to review existing mechanisms for the formation of a common information отношениях in the Eurasian region, regarded as one of the essential aspects of international integration. The theoretical significance of the work is to determine the main controls of the regional information infrastructure, improved by the development of communication features in a rapid process. The practical component consists in determining the future policies of the region under consideration in building the information society.

The study authors used historical-descriptive суверенитета and factual analysis of events having to do with drawing the contours of проблема global information society in the regional refraction.

The main result is the fact that the development of information and communication technologies, отношениях network resources leads to increased threats of destabilization of the socio-political situation in view of the emergence of multiple centers that generate the ideological and psychological суверенитета.

Keeping focused information policy can not be conceived without the collective participation of States in the first place, members of the group leaders of integration - Отношениях, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Currently, only produced a comprehensive approach to security in the information field in the Eurasian region, but the events in the world, largely thanks to modern technology, make the search for an exit strategy with a much higher speed.

The article contributes to the science of international relations, engaging in interdisciplinary thinking that is associated with a transition period проблема the development of society.

RU EN Search. Advanced search. HSE University. RU EN. Higher Отношениях of Economics. Priority areas business informatics международных engineering science humanitarian IT and mathematics law management mathematics sociology state and public administration.

Culture and Research of Memory. Per Aspera — But Headed Where? Russian doctoral суверенитета — that only recently switched to the model of structured programmes проблема is once again at a crossroads. Which is better: the new model or traditional mentoring? At the event, HSE specialists presented their latest research in science, technology and innovation policy, long-term science foresight, and global trend monitoring. Международных target: Political Science including International Relations.

Language: Russian. Sharko S. International Journal of Business and Social Science. Zhirkov K. Focusing международных the Muslim populations отношениях five Muslim-majority countries and four Western European countries, we examine the levels of суверенитета for suicide bombings and other forms of violence.

We found that support for terrorism among Muslims is present but the percentage of radicals is quite low. In both samples, support for terrorism is stronger among those who see democracy as a solely Western political system. This pattern of association is similar across the Western European countries, whereas the association varies considerably across the Проблема countries.

The perceived economic dominance of отношениях West is related to more support for terrorism among Muslims in Europe. In the Muslim countries, blaming the West for negative international суверенитета is associated with greater support for terrorism.

We suggest that improvement of the relationships between the West and the Muslim world can reduce support международных terrorism and prevent radicalization within Muslim societies. Davidson A. Basic Research Programme, History, alas, gave enough ground for this. Obydenkova A. Journal проблема Eurasian Studies. Paleoconservatism of the Southern Agrarians. Belkovich R. These ideas have their origins in the foundation of the American Republic, which owes a lot to ancient and mediaeval political theory.

This paper focuses on one of them, the Southern Agrarian movement, as exemplary of this radical intellectual project. Gerrymandering — the artful and partisan manipulation of electoral districts — is a well known pathology of electoral systems, especially majoritarian ones. In this paper, we try to give theoretical and experimental answers международных the following questions: 1 How much biased can the assignment of seats be under the effect of gerrymandering?

Accordingly, суверенитета paper is divided into two parts. In the first one, a highly stylized combinatorial model of gerrymandering is studied; in the second one, a more realistic multiobjective проблема model is adopted and local search techniques are exploited in order to find satisfactory district designs.

In a nutshell, our results for the theoretical model mean that gerrymandering is as bad as one can think of and that compactness is as суверенитета as one can think of. These conclusions are confirmed to a large extent by the experimental results obtained with the latter model on some международных real-life test problems. Gusejnov G. Arbeitshefte der Forschungsstelle Osteuropa.

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Kortunov, S.V.: Концептуальные основы национальной и международной B.A.: Международно-правовые проблемы фискального суверенитета S.V.: Конституционно-правовые основы налоговых отношений (Constitutional and​. Dmitry Pobedash, Ural Federal University, Institute of Social and Political Studies, Faculty Member. Studies International Relations Theory. Профиль – Политические проблемы международных отношений, глобального и регионального развития. Общие. Критический обзор научной​.