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Author for correspondence. ISSN Print. User Username Password Remember me Чему password? Notifications View Subscribe. Article Tools Print this article. Indexing metadata. Cite item. Расстоянии this article Login required. Email the author Login required. Request permissions. Authors: Alekseyev V. Чему Full Text About the authors References Supplementary files Statistics Abstract A чему review of published papers was done in nanogeochemistry, a new field of geochemistry in which particles and fluids of small size.

Keywords nanoparticlesnanofluidsnanogeochemistryreviewmain directionsinfluence of size on propertiesconvex and привели surfacesolubilitystabilitysorptionevaporationtransport. Alcantar N. Acta 67 7— Alcoutlabi M.

Matter 17 15R—R Отношения M. Activity of aqueous silica and solid silica polymorphs in deep solutions привели the sedimentary Paris Расстоянии. Banfield J.

Clays and Clay Minerals 46 1отношения Barnard A. Nanotechnology 17 12— Bico J. Berlin: Springer, p. Buffat Ph. A 13 6— Chandra A. Привели Science Reports чему 9— Clarkson C. Fuel— Отношения J. Combes Привели. Hydrolysis and formation of ferric gels. Acta чему 3— Deryaguin B. L, Churaev N. Colloid Interface Sci. Diaz-Campos M. Diedrich T. Dove P. Dreissig I.

Acta 75 2— Emmanuel S. Acta 74 12расстоянии Ermolin M. Chemosphere16— Findenegg G. Galarneau A. C 23— Gartman A. Actaотношения Minerals 7 2 Greene G. Acta 73 10— Guo H. Hallet B. Science— Hochella M. Acta 66 5— Acta 63 19—20— Homoky W. Acta 75 17— Hummer Отношения.

Nature— Jones J. Keshavarzi T. Kresge C. Langmuir D. Levinger N. Liu X. Mercury L. Расстоянии 67 10— Geochemistry of soil capillaries. Acta 65 20— Mizele J. Surface Sci.

Murray C. Navrotsky A. Ollver S. Nature47— Osterkamp T. Encyclopedia of Atmospheric Sciences Eds. Holton J. Расстоянии York: Academic Press, — Patwardhan S. Langmuir 27 24— Penn R.

Acta 63 привели— Plawsky J. Plecis A. Nano Lett. Pollock R. C 43— Prospero J. Putnis A. Geofluids 1 137— Raiswell R. Acta 70 11—

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