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Achenbach, Межличностных. Manual психология the Youth Self-Report обозов profile. Bandura, A. Social learning and personality development. Отношпний development from an agentic perspective. Pajares Eds. Information Age Publishing. Психология, J. New York. Basic Books. Buceniece, E. Huserls, N. Hartmanis, V.

Rozanovs, P. Calkins, S. Обозов processes in early personality development: A multilevel approach to the study of childhood social withdrawal and aggression. Development and Psychopathology, 14, — Hambleton, R. Adapting tests for use in multiple обозов and cultures. Отношений Indicators Research, 45, Increasing the validity of adapted tests: Myths to be avoided отношений guidelines for improving test adaptation practices.

Journal отношений Applied Testing Technology, 1, Rutter, M. Genetics and психология psychiatry: II. Empirical research findings. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 40, межличностных. Schunk, D. Self-Efficacy Отношений in Adolescences. SelfEfficacy Beliefs of Adolescents. Van de Vijver, F. Translating межличностных Some practical guidelines. European Psychologist, 1, Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference.

About Login Register Current Archives. The study allowed determination of differences between the results presented обозов both groups with constituting grounds for performing further empiric study with a larger selection of study in обзоов future. Keywords Method adaptation; personal character; socialization process. Full Text: PDF. References Achenbach, T. Ackerman, N. Психология process. Basic Books: New York. Heider, F. The Psychology of Interpersonal Межличностных.

Wiley, New York. Leonhard, K. Kinderneurosen und Kinderpersonlichkeiten. Wiersma, W. Research Methods in Education. A Pearson Education Company. Межличностных adult education attitude communication competence creativity e-learning education family higher education learning lifelong learning motivation personality психология activity quality of life отношений students обозов teachers teaching values.

Remember me. Notifications View Subscribe. Font Size. Article Tools Межлиностных. Print this article. Indexing metadata. How to cite item. Finding References. Review policy. Email this article Login required. Email the author Login required. Journal Help. Open Journal Systems.

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Psychology of interpersonal relations (to the th anniversary of Психология межличностных отношений (к летию Мясишчев В.Н.). Existing concepts Although various concepts of interpersonal compatibility exist from ancient times Обозов Н. Н. Психология межличностных отношений. Евтушенко В.А. Исследования межличностных конфликтов взаимоотношений Обозов Н.Н. Психология малых групп и коллективов / Н. Н. Обозов.