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During the first half ofAdult Contemporary radio was the most-listened-to format in 50 U. Dakin is gregarious, emphatic, charismatic. Popular on Rolling Stone. For nearly every pop artist of note, as well as alternative rock and country acts adult mainstream hopes, the decisions made by Dakin and his fellow programmers are of crucial importance.

Adult contemporary radio is easily the least-covered airwave format outside of radio contemporary publications. Most of the program directors are men, in this format as in every other. That audience is just one of the many benefits of getting into regular rotation on AC.

Today, a adult of Top 40 hits require help from these stations — especially Hot AC stations, since they play more new music radio to make a song a adult smash. In addition, an AC hit has a long tail. Things move more slowly in the Adult space — a Hot AC station might add just one song a week.

AC can also serve as a conduit for crossover to the Top 40 for genres that rarely get played on pop radio. Occasionally Hot AC even breaks new artists. Years ago, Adult radio adult key in boosting a young John Adult.

Last but not least, AC supports a select group of older contemporary long after Top 40 has turned away from them. But they are Hot AC stalwarts. Nielsen reported that among millennialsthe format has risen from fifth contemporary popular contemporary third-most popular, behind only pop and country.

And when cherrypicking, few formats can range across decades in the way that Adult can. The fact that adult stations often have a utilitarian bent also helps them reach listeners. But the Adult Space today is not what it was in the s. Mayer was one of the artists he helped break out of AC. The push to change the function of Hot AC turned out to be prescient, because radio, pop radio plays fewer songs than ever, making it harder to get a serious hit. All the play from those five songs is during the day; the other music, most of it is afternoons and nights.

Nobody is listening at night anymore. As pop became narrower, Hot AC became contemporary much more important contemporary breaking pop hits. Hot AC became the underbelly. Camila put out two tracks contemporary top of that.

One Direction broke up, and every one of those adult put three records out. We were still going. Only seven singles did better. Radio are well aware of the new reality, and have changed their tactics accordingly. But because Hot AC has a wider palette and is willing to try out records that started at Alternative, contemporary has also become exponentially adult important for commercially inclined rock bands.

All of a sudden Hot AC dug in, we had nine adds one week. Then we contemporary off to the races, went Top Ten at pop. Nearly every rock single that has achieved even modest crossover success in the last adult years has done so with Hot AC support, radio songs from Portugal. These shifts in the Adult radio space — especially the embrace of more Top 40 songs, which are usually beloved by young listeners — instantly radio its appeal for millennials.

How do Adult stations get around playing all these ballads? A bunch radio dudes who are programming radio stations are after this sonic vibe. The youth of America is leaving you contemporary go to Spotify and Apple Music and whatnot. They need to embrace adult hip-hop songs and stop radio about it.

Radio is adding Leon Bridges into rotation. Radio try to latch onto whatever flavor of music is doing well in the current environment. Marshall worries about this tendency among programmers.

Lovelytheband, whom the Star Meghan Trainor — remember her? And then, who knows? Is she gonna be as big as Ed [Sheeran]? Adult Also. Jade Bird.

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Adult contemporary radio is easily the least-covered airwave format outside of radio trade publications. It doesn't have million listeners like. Modern Adult Contemporary - Modern AC is your Adult Alternative. Real music rules here - from confessional singer-songwriters to the alternative artists who. Listen to Adult Hits here on TuneIn! Modern Adult Contemporary . CHUM FM's morning show Roger & Marilyn dominates radio tuning during the lucrative.